Northwest Facing House Vastu

To achieve the maximum benefits from Vastu in a north-west facing house, you must consider the placement of important rooms and areas. Here are some guidelines on how to plan a north-west facing house Vastu. Placement of the main door, bathroom, and pooja room. In addition, you should place the main door in the north direction. You must also keep the north direction in mind when planning the rest of your house.

Creating a Vastu plan for a north-west facing house

The directions in a Vastu plan are an important factor to consider when building a house, and a north-west facing house is no exception. The directions affect both the interior and exterior design of your house, and there are remedies that can help you achieve balance and harmony. For example, a northwest corner cut can have a detrimental effect on your career and business relationships, or it can lead to enmity between family members.

When building a house, it is important to consider the directions that can be favorable for your occupation. The north direction is good for people in the financial services industry, while it is good for those in the printing or publishing industries. The North direction is governed by the planet Mercury, which represents water. People working in the media can benefit from the positive energy that this direction brings. To create a Vastu plan for a north-west facing house, first, understand what a north-west orientation means.

Similarly, the south and north-west directions are not good for the main entrance or staircase. Instead, these areas should be oriented counter-clockwise. This will help balance the energy flow throughout the house. In the same way, the north and south-east zones are not good for the main entrance or waste water outlet. In addition, a north-west facing house should not be placed in the 5th pada, as it is the house of lord Kuber.

If the house is north-west facing, the main entrance is an important threshold. It connects the energy inside the house to the outside world. A north-facing main door is regarded as a good entrance, whereas a south-west facing one is bad. If you are lucky enough to have a northwest-facing main door, you will receive positive energy from that direction.

Placement of the main door

In Vastu Shastra, the place of the main door has special significance. According to Vastu, the door should open in a clockwise direction, and should be of advanced quality. The door should be clean, with a polished finish. The main door should not have any broken materials, and the main door must have a nameplate. If the door is on a north or west pada, it must have a metal or wooden nameplate.

The main door should be larger than any other door in a house. The main door should also open clockwise, and there should not be three parallel doors to it. This is considered a Vastu defect, and it can adversely affect the happiness of the home. Listed below are the benefits of each main door position. If you want to learn more about how to place your main door, keep reading.

The main door determines the direction of a house and is the main point of entry. The northeast and southwest are considered bad directions, and if the main entrance is located in those directions, it could cause financial and nerve problems. The northeast direction is the most dangerous. Putting stairs in a north-east direction is also a bad idea, as it will affect the house’s orientation.

The main entrance is a vital threshold between the inside environment and the outside world. It connects the house’s energy to its outside environment. It also attracts good luck. In Vastu Shastra, the door should be placed in an auspicious Pada. In astrology, doors that face the north are considered good and should be placed at the front. When choosing a location for the main door for a northwest-facing house, it is important to consider the astrographic chart of the person who will live in the house.

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Location of bathroom

Among the most important things to consider when planning a house, the placement of the bathroom should be oriented in the south or southwest portion. If your house faces north, you can choose between the northeast corner, southwest corner, or west-central room for the bathroom. In the northwest corner, however, you can opt for an attached bathroom. If you want to avoid a northwest-facing bathroom, you may try building your master bedroom in the southwest area.

The northwest corner (Refer, north west corner vastu for more information) of the bathroom is also considered an auspicious location to keep the cleaning materials. The slope of the bathroom should be towards the north or northeast, as this way, water will be able to exit the space in a more auspicious direction. In addition to a northwest-facing bathroom, your entrance wall should face either the north or the east. Never place your bathroom in the center of the house, otherwise, you could end up with severe Vastu defects.

The floor of your bathroom should slope toward the north or east. A bathroom that faces the northeast can place a shower or geyser in the south or west. The west-facing bathroom can have a bathtub. The northeast portion of the bathroom should be free from furniture. The northwest part of the bathroom is a good location for a washing machine. If you have space for an outside shower, it will provide a lot of privacy.

In Vastu, the southeast corner of the bathroom is a bad location for the toilet. It can be beneficial to place a picture of a burning candle on the southern wall. However, you should never construct a toilet under a staircase. You can use this space for storage. It is also not advisable to place an attached bathroom in a northwest-facing house. If the bathroom is facing the bed, you should avoid the southeast corner.

Placement of pooja room

A northwest-facing house is a good choice for a pooja room, but it is not mandatory. You can install it in a small flat by building a niche into the wall. In case your pooja room is small, you can consider using an entertainment shelf. If space is not an issue, you can also make the room a separate room on the ground floor. The pooja room should be surrounded by a pyramid-shaped altar and the idols should be placed on a raised platform. You can also add small curtains, but remember not to block the entire room from other rooms.

Alternatively, you can place the pooja room in the kitchen or living room. As long as you place it in the northeast corner of the house, you can make the most of this favorable aspect. If possible, try to avoid placing the pooja room in the bedroom. If you do decide to do so, make sure that the mandir is in a place where the feet do not point towards it while sleeping.

For northwest-facing houses, it is advisable to build the pooja room in the northeast direction of the home. You can also convert unused shelves in the entertainment unit into a puja room. However, it is important to place the pooja room in an area where it can be easily accessible from the house. It is also important to note that the northeast direction of a house is the most auspicious.

If your house is north-east facing, the pooja room should face the east-west direction, whereas the northeast-west position is good for a south-facing house. It is also important to consider the location of the main door. If the kitchen is in the northeast corner, you may end up with neurological issues, or even fights within the house. If you are unsure of which direction to place your pooja room, consider consulting with a Vastu expert.

Location of kitchen

For a kitchen in a Northwest-facing house, there are several considerations to consider. Firstly, you should place the door to the room in the southeast, which will be your kitchen’s primary entrance. If you’d rather not have your kitchen door face west, you could consider putting it in the northeast. This way, you’ll be facing the kitchen and not away from the house. Secondly, if you have a kitchen that faces south, you can position the door to the room facing east.

If your kitchen is in the northeast corner of the house, you should not place it in the southwest, because this is considered to be an omen. The southeast corner of the house is considered to be dedicated to Lord Agni, the God of Fire. Then, your kitchen should have a sink and a water purifier in the northeast. These are also omens for cooking and should not be overlooked when designing the layout of your kitchen.

When planning the layout of your house, consider the energy flow. If you’re facing the north, the kitchen should be located in the northwest corner, whereas if you’re facing the southwest, you should place the kitchen in the southwest. This is because the southwest element affects the energy flow. The southwest also happens to be a good place to locate your master bedroom. It will also ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

If the northwest-facing house is new, you should avoid placing the kitchen in the southwest corner. This is the best location for a kitchen, and you should also avoid putting it in a west-facing room. It’s best to place the kitchen in a corner where there are no windows. You should avoid placing your kitchen in front of the main door or next to the toilet. Instead, place it near the northwest wall, if possible.