South Facing House Vastu

If you live in a south facing house, you may have many advantages, but you should pay careful attention to some Vastu Do’s and Don’ts before buying your home. Mars rules the south direction, so if you are in a career that is related to the planet, a south facing house may be a good choice for you. Some professions associated with Mars, for example, are arms and ammunition, fire related businesses, and hardware stores.
This article on South Facing House Vastu, will talk about some of these benefits, as well as the ideal location for the main entrance. In addition, it will discuss some Vastu remedies for a south-facing house. Let’s get started.

Vastu Tips

A south facing house is not always bad for Vastu purposes. This depends on the flooring, the placement of water tanks, overhead tank, and the internal arrangement of the rooms.

  • The first step to making a South-facing house Vastu-friendly is to avoid plots with an underground water source.
  • Avoid building a south-facing house near a T-point or road crossing.
  • Keep boundary walls a little higher than other walls, and make them as thick as possible.
  • Another Vastu tip is to use the largest door in your house for the entrance.
  • South-facing houses also have to avoid high-rise buildings and should have thicker walls to absorb excess heat.
  • One of the most important Vastu tips for a south-facing house is where the main door is located. Ideally, the door should be located at the southeast corner of the fourth pada.
  • A south-facing house should have a staircase that faces south. This will ensure that it is aligned with the other rooms in the Vastu of the house.
  • The main entrance of a south-facing house should be placed in the middle of the wall, a little to the left of the central point. This will align the energies within the house.
  • Avoid placing the main entrance to the right of the central point, which is considered inauspicious.
  • It is best to avoid building an entrance door on the southwest side of the house, as this energy field is harmful.
  • The Vastu recommends that doors should face the south for the best effect.

The direction of the main door in a south-facing house

There are many different Vastu rules, and knowing the direction of the main entrance door in a south-facing house is one of the most important. For best results, the main door should be placed in the center of the south-facing wall, slightly to the left of the middle point of the house. The direction of the main door is considered auspicious and ensures that the energy flowing through the house is harmonious.

The majority of Vastu experts will tell you that all directions are beneficial, each one has its limitations and advantages. Whether you live in an apartment or a mansion, it is important to understand the Vastu principles before buying a house. Incorporating the principles of Vastu into your home will ensure that positive energies are flowing through the house and into the people in it.

If you are planning to build a house with a south-facing floor plan, it is a good idea to put your kitchen in the south-east or north-west corner. While south-facing houses are generally considered unlucky, the south-west side can bring prosperity and success. Therefore, the direction of the main door is important to your overall health and prosperity. The southern-facing house Vastu plan suggests placing the master bedroom in the south-west corner of your house.

Vastu remedies for a south-facing house

Despite its inauspicious location, a south-facing house can be improved with Vastu Shastra. It is important to follow certain rules that are related to house direction. Vastu Shastra applies to all kinds of residential properties, from the orientation of the entrance to the safety of the construction process
Residential properties in a south-facing direction are commonly overlooked, but there are many ways to improve the Vastu of your home.

Although many Vasthu practitioners believe that a south-facing house will never bring you luck, you may be surprised to learn that many millionaires in the world own houses facing the south. This is why it is important to get the Vastu right and turn an ordinary plot into a luxurious home.

If your south-facing house has a well in the southwest, it should be sealed with heavy stones. It is important to note that a septic tank in the southwest is not good for Vastu. Leaving it unattended will cause mishaps and losses of wealth.

An effective Vastu remedy for a south-facing house is to place a Mangala Yantra in the southwest corner of the home.

To avoid a negative impact, you can also use Vastu principles for the color scheme of your south-facing house.

Placing a Vastu Gada on either side of a doorway will help kill any negative energy.

Another Vastu remedy for a south-facing house is to place yellow sapphires. These remedies will have a positive effect on your home and are well worth the investment.

Location of the toilet and bathroom in a south-facing house

The location of the bathroom and toilet in a south-facing house is important for the Vastu analysis of the whole house. The best position for the bathroom is the northwest corner, which should be at least four or five feet above the floor. The bathroom should be on the east or west wall, and it should be on the north side of the house. The electrical fittings can be placed in the southeast corner, but they must be on higher ground levels than the rest of the house.

The location of the toilet and bathroom is very important for the health of the family. Unless they are located in the correct direction, they can be a source of financial and health problems. This is a common problem that most people ignore, and it is one of the most overlooked aspects of the Vastu of the house. Unfortunately, most people are too distracted by other aspects of Vastu to pay attention to the placement of the bathroom and toilet.

When placing the bathroom and toilet in a south-facing house, you should be mindful of the placement of all of these things. The south-facing bathroom should be placed near the toilet, while the southeast-facing bathroom should be located close to the northeast-facing one. Likewise, it is important to avoid placing the bathroom and toilet on the same wall. In addition, it is not recommended to place a sink in the southeastern corner of the building.

If you are constructing a new house and are planning to add a bathroom or toilet to the house, consider using Vastu Shastra for the placement of these items. This will help you make better use of the natural energies in the house and make your life more pleasant. Just remember that Vastu is more than a scientific science. Positive thinking is the first step to a better life.

Plants suitable for a south-facing house

A south-facing house can benefit from growing some plants. Most culinary herbs are suitable for southern-facing windows, but you should keep in mind that they require bright light. Although most culinary herbs thrive in the spring and summer, rosemary is a better choice for full-time indoors. While it requires more light in the summer, rosemary is relatively hardy and can survive in a partially shaded location all year.

If you’re unsure which plants are best for a south-facing house, a Ti Plant is a great choice. This plant likes a combination of direct and filtered light and requires about four hours of sunlight a day. If your south-facing house has a south-facing window, you can also plant a Boston Fern or Polka Dot Plant. Plants such as these will need more water than other types of plants. For the best results, mist the plants regularly to maintain a higher humidity level.

If you’re growing indoors, you can choose between two tropical plants. Meyer Lemons thrive in maximum sunlight and produce edible fruit. Crown of Thorns, a stunning flowering plant, blooms year-round in bright light. A Panda Plant, which tolerates neglect and thrives in high-light conditions, is also suitable for southern-facing windows. It needs bright light but also prefers partial shade.

Colors for South Direction Houses

  • Using the right color for a south-facing home is critical for maximizing its potential. While neutral colors can be used throughout your home, the right shade can create a dramatic difference.
  • Choose a color that can balance natural light from both sides of the house.
  • To begin, choose a paint color with cool undertones, such as blue, gray, purple, or green. Then, use that color sparingly, as the sun’s rays can cast an intense heat on your space.
  • Reds, blues, and blacks are auspicious for the front of the home, while oranges, pinks, and browns are ideal for the back. However, if you have an open space or a garage on the southern side of your house, it is best to choose a lighter shade of red for this section of the home.