Southwest Facing House Vastu

A southwest facing house Vastu is extremely advantageous, and it will provide immense security and happiness. Not every person is suited to live in a southwest-facing house. This is one of the most common directions in Vastu, but this doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.

Before purchasing a house in this direction, consider whether or not your career and zodiac sign are compatible. People with a southern or south direction are best suited for jobs related to the health industry, real estate, and administrative services.

It is better to consult an expert on the subject before you buy a house in the southwest sector. Fortunately, many online resources and experts are available to help you with your home’s Vastu planning.

Do’s and don’ts of living in a southwest facing house

The south-facing direction is ruled by the planet Mars, so if your profession or astrological sign is in the Mars-ruled direction, this is a good choice. It brings natural heating to the home, but it’s important to be aware of the do’s and don’ts of living in a south-facing house. You should install adequate shades around the house to prevent excessive heat from the sun.

  1. Living in a southwest facing house requires careful planning and placement of rooms.
  2. Kitchens are not supposed to be located in the southwest corner of the house, as this position is considered to bring bad luck.
  3. A kitchen should be located in the northeast corner of the house.
  4. It is best to place Ganesha statues in the northeast corner of the house to offset the negative effects of Vastu on the southwest zone.
  5. Similarly, it is not advisable to place water pumps or underground tanks in the southwest corner of the house.
  6. The northwest corner of a southwest-facing house is an area where Indra rules. Therefore, it is important to keep the room in this direction clean, well-ventilated, and well-lit.
  7. Avoid installing name plates on lower floors, as this will degrade your status. Nameplates should be large and bold and positioned in the most prominent corner of the home.
  8. You can also place a statue of Ganesha on the southwest corner of your house.
  9. Red and yellow colors are also good for the southwest.
  10. Avoid placing heavy furniture or paintings of earth elements in the southwest corner of your house. Make sure you leave some open space. It will create a better flow of positive energy in the southwest portion of the house.

Do’s and don’ts of having a balcony in a southwest-facing house

While balconies are generally considered auspicious in a southwest-facing house, there are a few important rules to remember.

  1. Adding a balcony to a southwest-facing house is a great addition to your property, but it should be located away from the main entrance.
  2. If you plan to build a balcony in a southwest-facing home, make sure it is placed in the northeast corner. This position is particularly beneficial for attracting wealth.
  3. Avoid placing a washing machine on the balcony. This will drain the water, and that will drain the family’s wealth.
  4. If you have limited space on your balcony, avoid placing a large potted plant in the northeast area of the balcony. Also, don’t place a tall, heavy potted plant in the southeast zone of your balcony.
  5. Large potted plants will block early solar energy and are not a good choice.
  6. The roof of your balcony should be lower than the roof of your main building. This will give it a more proportionate look.

NOTE: Remember that balconies’ directions attract litigation and fire hazards, so be careful where you place them! When you build a balcony, make sure you follow all Vastu guidelines. When you are renovating your house, do a little research before you build a balcony.

Placement of the main door in a southwest-facing house

  1. The Southwest direction is also considered an unsuitable location for the main door, as the energy coming from the southwest direction will cause problems throughout the house.
  2. The door should be in a north or southeast direction, as the east is said to bring power and festivity.
  3. If the main entrance is on the south side of the house, it should be bigger than any other door. It should also open clockwise.
  4. If three parallel doors are on either side of the main entrance, this is a serious Vastu defect and could affect the happiness of the residents.
  5. It is important to place the main entrance in a northeast-facing house. The energy of the north-west direction will flow towards the north-east-facing house, resulting in a great deal of financial prosperity. If you live in a southwest-facing house, the northeast-facing entrance is the second-best choice for the main door.
  6. As the main door is a prime location for positive energy in a house. Place a nameplate on the right side of the main door.
  7. You can also place a small crystal ball in front of the main door.
  8. Avoid placing a shoe rack in front of the main door.
  9. If you live in a southwest-facing house, the main door should open into the living room. If possible, create a small passage before the living room.
  10. You can also avoid placing god idols in front of the main door.
  11. Using a large flower pot in the southwest also helps to drive negative energy away.

Vastu Remedies for a southwest-facing house

When planning a home, there are many things to consider, including Vastu.

  1. The directions and orders of a house are energy centers, and they are governed by their ruling planetary Lord.
  2. Each direction has its own characteristics, and the rooms in a particular direction can affect the entire family positively or negatively.
  3. A southwest-facing house has similar effects. When planning a house, you should be aware of the different Vastu defects that you may face.
  4. The Southwest-facing house is an example of a “defect” in Vastu. It is inauspicious to place heavy objects in this area because they can cause negative energy to accumulate in that area.
  5. Most Vastu Shastra experts do not recommend placing water bodies in a southwest-facing home.
  6. Although many people who practice Vastu will try to avoid buying a house in this direction, it is essential to read up on the subject. It’s a great idea to read up on the subject and seek advice from a competent Vastu scholar.
  7. A Vastu scholar can help you understand the specifics of your house’s Vastu and recommend the best remedy for your situation.
  8. In addition to the remedies for a southwest-facing house, you should consider the primary gate location.
  9. Houses in this direction should be square or rectangular, with heavy open space to the northeast.
  10. But before you make a decision, make sure to follow the Vastu expert’s recommendations and make sure your house is not facing the southwest.
  11. As a general rule, a southwest-facing house should not be built on a hillside, as it may cause serious difficulties.