West Facing House Vastu

In addition to its positive energy, a west-facing house should have the right padas for entry. This article, West Facing House Vastu will discuss how to place your main entrance and other important aspects of a west-facing house. These are all beneficial to your health and prosperity. We’ll conclude with some tips on how to design a home’s interiors. Hopefully, these tips have been helpful.

How to Find the Right Direction for Your West Facing House Vastu

If you’re considering building a home in a west-facing direction, it’s a good idea to incorporate a temple. These sacred structures help channel the godly energies that are associated with the direction. The northeast zone of a west-facing house is the most energized, so if you don’t have enough space for a separate puja room, place a small temple in a corner of your living room.

The Direction of your house

The direction of your West facing House is important for a variety of reasons. It can help channel harmony throughout your house. In the following tips, we’ll explain how you can find the correct direction. First, figure out where the main entrance is located. If it is on the west side of your house, the main entrance should be located on the west. Second, make sure your main gate faces west. Finally, consider using a compass to find the correct direction for your house.

The directions of your west-facing house are crucial to your overall well-being. A home that faces the west has eight padas or energy channels. The main door, the entrance, should be located in the northwest or northwest part of the home. You can place a metal object on the door to attract good energy. Remember to keep the area clear of clutter and broken furniture. The main gate should never be in the seventh, eighth, or ninth padas, which are regarded as corners of the devil’s energy.

In the west-facing direction, the best choices for furniture are white, beige, or silver. These neutral colors are beneficial for the western direction because they deflect negative energy and maintain harmony within the home. You can also choose a color like light blue to capitalize on the positive effects of this direction. You can also use off-white or cream as Vastu-neutral colors. Lastly, avoid bright colors for the interiors of your west-facing house.

Placement of Main Entrance in the West-facing House

A proper home design includes careful planning of internal and directional placement. Various rooms and spaces within a house must be arranged in accordance with Vastu principles. But perhaps the most important point in a house is the main entrance, which will determine how much energy enters it from the outside world. The west side of the Vastu diagram has 8 padas. A southwest-facing kitchen, for instance, is better than one in the northeast.

According to Vastu, the main entrance of a west-facing house must be located in the second pada, which is known as the Sugreev. This is because this pada attracts wealth, while the Papyakshama entrance brings illness and delay. It can also land you in trouble, so it is important to avoid putting it on the west side.

When planning the layout of your home, it is crucial to consider the orientation of the main entrance and door. West-facing houses have the best placement for the main door. Padas 3 and 4 are considered auspicious, while pads 1 and 2 are less fortunate. In the northwest, the main door should be placed in the fifth or sixth pada. The ninth pada, which is known as the devil’s energy, should be avoided.

When building a west-facing house, it is crucial to consider the position of the main entrance. The direction of the main entrance plays a very important role in Vastu. West-facing houses should have an entrance that faces the southwest or the southeast, and the door should be located at the center of the house so that the main entrance is at the heart of the home. However, a south-facing house may cause financial losses.

While it may be difficult to place the main door in a west-facing house, it can be accomplished. As long as the main entrance is at the center of the west-facing house, the rest of the rooms are northwest and the east-facing house can have any number of important astrological influences. This makes west-facing houses ideal for politicians, teachers, religious leaders, and businessmen.

When constructing a west-facing house, you should always take the Vastu principles into account when choosing a place for the main entrance. The north-east side of a house represents the Vastu Purush, which is the center of the structure. Incorrect placement of the staircase can block the flow of money and create financial problems for the owner. You can also consider placing a staircase on the northwest side of your house.

The west-facing house is considered inauspicious by many Vastu experts, but it’s up to you to decide if you want to live in one. While many experts suggest staying away from west-facing houses, this isn’t always the best option for most people. In fact, a west-facing house can be as auspicious as any other Vastu-friendly home.

Ideal Professions for a West-facing House

West-facing homes are ideal for people with a particular astrological sign. These people are likely to be extroverted, bold, and practical. Their homes face the west, so they do not have any enemies, and they will be loved by everyone. The ideal professions for people with a west-facing house include teachers, politicians, and social workers. People with this type of house are also believed to be wealthy and successful.

The main entrance of a west-facing house should be in the northern part of the house. For decoration, you can place a metal object on the door. You should keep clutter-free areas in the entrance area, and you should not have any broken furniture. It is important that your main gate is not located in the seventh, eighth, or ninth padas, because these three points are considered corners of the devil’s energy.

Depending on the direction of your house, you may have a natural affinity for certain professions. People with a west-facing house are lucky in the IT industry, stock market traders, real estate brokers, and the arts. A west-facing house is also suitable for careers in oil & gas, mining, and agriculture. If you have a west-facing house, you may also be attracted to a career in science or engineering.

Although many Vastu experts suggest that west-facing houses are inauspicious, studies have shown that many successful people live in houses that face the west. The west is not necessarily bad, and it is important to consider all directions when designing your house. You can also choose to be a professional in the arts if you want to live in an office facing the west. The west-facing house is also suitable for professionals such as teachers and artists, as well as gardeners.

Do’s and Don’ts of West Facing House Vastu

If you plan to build a new house with a western or southwest orientation, you should keep in mind a few things before you start building. The first thing to know is the correct position of your main door. You shouldn’t place it in a zone that doesn’t support good Vastu, such as the north or south compass points. The next thing to know is where to place your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

In general, it’s best to position your main entrance towards the north or northwest. Avoid placing your bathroom on the southwest side. The northwest side is best for bathrooms and should be free of any other obstructions. Avoid placing bright colors on the west side of the house. The location of your plot also matters. Plots with higher elevations are not considered auspicious, while plots with southern slopes are considered auspicious. You should also avoid placing the main door in the ninth pada, which is thought to be the devil’s energy corner.

When building a west-facing house, it’s important to consider the location of your main entrance. For instance, if your house faces the west, you should put the main door in the northwest. The northeast side is a good place to place a home temple, but you should avoid placing idols in the southwest corner. If you want to place a main door in the northwest corner, you should place it in the northwest corner of your home.

A west-facing house receives the afternoon and evening sun. While this is generally a good thing, there are some downsides to living in a west-facing house. It’s a good choice for people with high social status, who like to meet new people, and for those who like to study and write. A house facing the west is considered to be a good place for Kumbha Rasi.