Southeast Facing House Vastu

A house facing the Southeast has unique characteristics and should be designed accordingly. Its main entrance should face the southeast, as it is said to attract wealth. There are certain rules pertaining to the placement of the main entrance door. According to Vastu, only the permitted places are allowed for entrance, while the forbidden zones should be avoided. The following article, Southeast Facing House Vastu will discuss the rules that apply to the main entrance door.

The southeast direction balances the elements of fire and water, bringing prosperity to the occupants. The southeast corner of a house is known as the Agni corner, and property with east-south roads is referred to as the “Southeastern block.” A house with a southeast-facing aspect is considered a good choice, especially if you are considering a home for your family. The southeast-facing direction of a house also has special significance for family members, especially the female and child.

A south-east-facing house requires careful arrangement and the fire element to work properly. Fortunately, there are a variety of Vastu specialists who can help you make the most of your southeast-facing house. Even if you have to hire a Vastu expert, it’s worth the money to consult with a specialist. While Vastu is a complex science, an expert can help you get the most out of it.

Staircase Position in a Southeast House

The placement of a staircase is extremely important, as it can either drain your wealth or attract it. If your staircase is located in the northeast-facing section of your house, you can use Vastu principles to offset this imbalance by installing indoor plants. If you want your home to have a wealth-attracting staircase, you should make sure that the stairs are positioned in the southeast-facing part of the house. Building stairs in this direction can have powerful effects. In fact, it’s considered the entrance of a floor! Likewise, a staircase placed in the southwest-facing part of a house can lead to health problems and mental pressure.

If your stairs are located in this region, it’s important to avoid placing them next to windows. While these may look pretty, experts advise against placing staircases near a window. Staircases that point toward windows lose energy and are a poor choice. Alternatively, block the stairs’ ends with shutters to avoid any negative energy. If you’re worried about losing your wealth, make sure to keep these tips in mind to avoid this situation!

While the location of the staircases is important, some people find that the stairs at the center of their house are not as auspicious as they’d like. It’s better to place the stairs on the sides of the house, away from the entrance and shared by an exterior wall. According to Feng Shui, the staircase in the center of the house can cause loss of wealth and rifts within the family. The best way to mitigate these negative effects is to avoid placing a staircase in this location.
Avoiding toilets in the south-east direction according to Vastu

Toilets Position in Southeast House

In addition to blocking the effects of lord Yama, bathrooms in the southeast direction can be very dangerous for the health of the occupant, especially if they are pregnant. This direction can also attract the attention of government departments and court cases, which could have detrimental effects on your brand name and goodwill. As a result, a southeast toilet is best avoided in all buildings.

So Avoiding toilets in the south-east is a wise decision in terms of your health and well-being. Toilets placed in the southeast direction are prone to labor problems and can also cause other negative effects. Fortunately, there are some simple remedies to eliminate the negative effects of this Vastu flaw. One such method is placing bamboo on the roof of the bathroom. This can help reduce the effects of this flaw to a significant degree.

Another effective way to avoid bad Vastu effects is to place the toilet in the northwest direction. This can reduce the negative energy in the room. Placing the toilet in the northwest direction will prevent the negative energy from entering the bathroom. If you do not have this space in your home, try placing a Vastu pyramid on the southwest wall of your toilet.

It is also important to keep the bathroom away from bedrooms and pooja rooms, as these areas are areas where spiritual practices are performed. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to keep the bathroom clean and clutter-free.


The Brahmasthan is a central space that has four equal squares, with one of these areas being open to the sky. This area should be void of any obstructions and must be free from heavy furniture, walls, and concrete structures.

The southeast direction is a powerful location for a house. The sun’s infrared rays reach the southeast direction, which is favorable for the health of the occupants. It is also good for businesses. People associated with Mars or those working in the business world should choose a house that faces this direction. A house with a southeast-facing location can be very beneficial for those associated with the business sector.

South-facing houses should have a main door in the third or fourth pada. The bedroom should be located in the northeast corner, while the kitchen should be located in the southeast corner. The garden should be located on the south side or in the southeast corner. The walls of the southeast-facing house should be thicker than the north. This position attracts health and wealth. It attracts disease as well.

The main entrance of Southeast House

Have a door at the Southeast-east of your home? If yes, then you have a southeast-facing house with all internal elements arranged as per Vastu principles. The kitchen should have maximum windows towards the northeast and northwest. The living area should be in the eastern zone. Avoid placing a staircase in front of the main entrance. The lower boundary wall of your plot should be on the northeast side of the plot to attract positive cosmic rays from the Ishanya corner.

The main door should be located on the same side of the house as the entrance. The main door should open in a clockwise direction. The door should also have a doormat near it, to absorb negative energy and remove dirt from shoes. A doormat made of natural fabric is recommended. The doormat should be rectangle-shaped to cover the entire door space. This will enhance its appearance. In addition, it will attract wealth and prosperity.

Besides keeping the main entrance clean, the main door should have a prominent nameplate and a house number. In addition to the nameplate, the door should also have a doorbell. An engraved doorbell is best, but an unmarked one is equally as good. In addition to that, a doorbell should be placed at a height of five feet or higher. If possible, choose a doorbell with a low sound. This way, it will not disturb the harmony and positive energy flow in your house.

The main entrance of a southeast-facing house is considered to be a “Vastu defect.” The fiery aura emitted from the front door of the home will attract negative energies and may cause misunderstandings in relationships. People with a fiery aura are prone to short tempers and health problems, so choosing the direction of your main entrance is important. This position is also considered the best location for the kitchen as it will provide you with maximum light.

It is essential to follow Vastu rules while choosing a residential property. The south direction benefits some people more than others, and you should be aware of that while choosing a home. The south direction is ruled by Mars and is beneficial for people associated with the business. The SW direction can also be advantageous for those associated with agriculture and other industries.

When choosing a house location, remember that a south-east-facing house has a favorable Vastu dosha, so the master bedroom should be at the top of the building. The rest of the bedrooms, such as the kid’s rooms, should face the northwest. It is important not to build a meditation room under the stairs, or next to the toilet. Instead, you should choose a northeast corner.

Pooja Room in Southeast Homes

There are several aspects to consider when building the pooja room. First of all, you should choose a room that gets bright natural light. Ideally, the pooja room should be in the northeast direction, as this provides good lighting for the diya. Alternatively, artificial lights should be used. The pooja room should be well ventilated so that you can sit comfortably while performing prayers. Moreover, the pooja room should be placed on the ground floor, and it should face the northeast or east direction. The pooja room should not be placed under stairs or against bathroom walls. The pooja room should also have a door that opens to the northeast or east-west direction.

A mandir with a lower ceiling is best. The design and style should be such that they will add symmetry to the room and keep insects out. Place the idol about six inches from the floor to give it the ideal space. You should avoid putting any paintings or portraits of the dead or depictions of violence in the pooja room. Also, there should be enough space for the incense sticks.

Kitchen and Overhead Tank in Southeast House

According to Vastu, the fire element should be located in the southeast corner of the house. Fire resonates with the sun, which provides light and warmth to the world. Fire provides food for the household and keeps its inhabitants warm. Adding to this, fire enhances emotions. Thus, the kitchen should be placed in the southeast-facing house. The southeast is also an auspicious direction for the fire element.

Another important tip is to avoid building an underground water tank in the southwest corner of the house. This will not only cause health problems but also legal ramifications. The best place to build the tank is the northeast or northeast corner of your house. Remember, Vastu is not the same as astrology for an underground tank. However, it will give you a general idea of how to build the tank.

The placement of an underground water tank in the east or west zones can improve the cosmic vibrations in a house. It is also good for the social circle of an individual and is recommended for those in client-relations jobs. However, placement in the south zone is a Vastu defect. If the tank is in the south zone, it will disturb the Vastu of the house and may lead to a court case.